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The Full Grantegy Program:Courses, Coaching and Community!

Courses, Coaching and Community!

Navigating the grant landscape is a strategic endeavor, not a game of chance. In today's competitive environment, securing vital resources demands a strategic approach. Grantegy provides educational courses, expert coaching and a collaborative community. Get the help you need to secure the grant funds that your community needs! This Comprehensive Program Enables You To: • Succeed Through Strat


Grantegy - 1:1 Coaching

Grantegy Coaching complements our comprehensive online courses and supportive community by offering one-on-one guidance from Valerie A. Grant, GPC, a Certified Grant Professional (GPC) and Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer. This ensures you receive expert-level support tailored to your specific grant goals.

Grantegy - Course by Course

Grantegy- Feasibility Quiz

Before you invest significant time and resources into crafting grant applications,  Grant Consulting Services LLC can help you assess your organization's grant feasibility.
The Grant Feasibility Quiz is a quick online tool designed to help you identify any gaps that might hinder your ability to secure grant funding. By answering a few key questions, you'll gain valuable insights into your organization's grant readiness. 

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